New Vented Large Shipping Box - USPS Approved

Horizon BoxesSKU: 4089HZ812

Quantities: 12 Pack (FREE Ground Shipping)


The newly designed Vented Large Shipper has been resized in order to save you money when shipping birds. The staff at Horizon Micro Environments carefully shaved off a few inches from the length, height, and width, which now significantly lowers the dimensional weight charges imposed by the USPS. New Large Shippers are also designed to maximize air flow by pulling fresh air from the bottom holes and pushing out through the top via their new, patent-pending ventilation windows.

Product Highlights

  • We ship boxes to you for FREE when you buy 2 or more (to 48 contiguous states. HI, AK, and PR incur shipping fees)
  • Box replaces original Omni and Large Shippers
  • Built with a very durable double-wall corrugated box in order to safely and securely ship live birds
  • Build with 4 newly designed ventilation windows that maximize air flow by pulling fresh air from the bottom holes and pushing out through the top
  • Save money when you order in bulk quantities, which also ship to you for FREE
  • Proudly made in the USA

Take Advantage of Bundle Pricing Discounts

  • Singles - $44 each (FREE GROUND SHIPPING when you order 2 or more)
  • 12 pack - $38 each (FREE GROUND SHIPPING)

How can I calculate dimensional weight?

  1. First, you need to determine if your package is greater than one cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches). To do this, use the formula L x W x H. If the result is under 1,728, your package is UNDER one cubic foot. If the result is over 1728, then your package is OVER one cubic foot and DIM Weight pricing may apply.
  2. Next, weigh your package to find its actual physical weight.
  3. Finally, calculate the DIM Weight by using the USPS Dimensional Weight formula, which is L x W x H/166. (The 166 is known as the DIM Divisor—the USPS uses 166 while other national carriers use 139 as their divisor.) If the result of this calculation yields a higher weight than the actual physical weight of the package, you will pay the DIM Weight price.


  • 32"L x 14"W and 16"H
  • Will hold up to 35 lbs of birds + box

Warning: do not ship live birds during extreme periods of hot or cold weather.

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