Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus - w/ Acidifiers and Probiotics

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Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus is an essential supplement that gives your racing pigeons, backyard chickens, and show chickens the boost they need during periods of stress, high performance, higher temperatures, or reduced feed intake. Its added probiotics and organic acidifiers keep intestinal flora in form and regulates pH levels which strengthens immunity and helps combat sickness.

Key Features

  • Can be used during periods of stress, high heat, and reduced feed intake
  • Ideal for recovery and rehydration after a pigeon race, chicken show, or other physically demanding activities
  • Contains added probiotics and organic acidifiers for intestinal flora health
  • Multi-species formula can be given to all types of birds
  • Concentrated formula makes at least 128 gallons
  • Economical price

Directions for Use

Pigeons and Chickens: Mix 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 g) per 1 gallon of drinking water. 

For Automatic Proportions: Mix contents of this pouch (4 oz.) in one gallon of water to prepare a stock solution. Set the proportioner to deliver one (1) fluid ounce of stock solution per gallon of drinking water. Prepare fresh stock solution daily.

Feed Use: Mix contents of this pouch (4 oz.) per 500 lbs. of complete feed

Administer for 3-5 days or whenever needed.

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