PHP Breeding Kit - The Ultimate Pigeon Breeding Bundle


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Pigeon Health & Performance's all-new Breeding Kit takes the guess work out of the pigeon breeding season.

Pigeon HP's Breeding Kit contains the ultimate selection of health supplements for your most successful breeding season yet. Formulated and hand-picked by Belgium's own Jos Thone, this Breeding Kit will provide your pigeons with with the perfect conditioning during the entire season from before pairing and throughout the young bird stage. 

Breeding Kit includes:

  • 1- Vita Breed 1L: provides the necessary ingredients for excellent fertility, laying youngster development, & vitality
  • 1- Opti Oil 500ml: a detoxifying blend of vitamins and high-quality oils to insure good health against viral, bacterial, fungal, & parasitic infections
  • 1- Amino Build 500g: concentrated amino acids which increase strength, aid in youngster muscle and feather development, and provide breeding pairs with the necessary nutrients during this physically demanding time
  • 1- T Tonic 500ml: helps with digestion, intestinal flora health, and increased metabolism in young birds

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