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BirdPal Avian Products was founded with one mission: to provide bird fanciers and enthusiasts specialty bird products, resources, and education which can aid in maintaining optimum health and performance throughout the many stages of their pet's life. 

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Customer relationships and satisfaction- nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer. We're more than just a business that sells products-- at the end of the day, we're human, too. We want our customers to be part of our story just as much as us being part of theirs. This is why we stand behind our products and services 100% or your money back
  • Bird care products should be easily available- we live within a pet industry that primarily focuses on dogs and cats. Quality bird care products get easily overlooked and underestimated, usually missing on the shelves of large and small retail stores alike. We pledge to always look far and wide for new and highly sought after products (some you didn't even know your birds needed) while always keeping all regularly purchased items in stock
  • Supporting the bird community- always looking to be of servicewe deeply understand the passion and love fanciers have toward their birds. This is why we'll always be an advocate of the community and will support it as much as possible; whether through sponsorships, attending shows/races, or by simply talking and listening to our customers

"We want our customers to come to us while being proactive rather than reactive when handling a certain bird health issue."

Our Solutions

Our main focus, and the reason we are in existence, is not only to assist our customers with solutions to the many health issues birds come across, but to also provide them with preventative and health maintenance products. 

  • Specialty products- we'll always provide the best selection of specialty bird care products, supplements, and accessories (most of them not found at big box stores)
  • Education- what sets us apart from many other stores is that we focus on educating our bird community rather than just selling to them. We will always work on providing our community with 'how-to' videos, informative articles (treatments, training, general bird care, etc), and detailed product information. We want our customers to come to us while being proactive rather than reactive when handling a certain bird health issue
  • Resources- we update our website and customers with as many bird-related resources as we can such as useful links to organizations, race results, upcoming shows and events, and more

 Our Inspiration

Beautiful and inquisitive chickens; resilient, alluring, and high-performing pigeons; colorful companion birds singing intricate melodies; and uniquely interesting wild birds that come back for more-- these are just some of the many reasons that inspire us to provide our customers with some of the best products created on Earth. Birds are truly amazing animals.. why should the products you give them be anything less?

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