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Amphotericin B is one of the only products on the market that can successfully treat and prevent megabacteria infections in finches, canaries, parrots, pigeons, and other pet birds. Amphotericin B also helps treat fungal infections, including aspergillosis and candida. Compares to Megabac-S, which is no longer available on the market. 

What is megabacteria in birds?

Megabacteria are microscopic organisms which are up to forty times much larger than regular bacteria, making it extremely insensitive to normal antibiotics. A lot is uncertain about mega bacteria, its transmission, and incubation period. However, avian veterinarians and pathology laboratories may give a definitely diagnosis after necropsy testing. 

One of the more common names is "going-light syndrome" since megabacteria typically causes weight loss with bulky soft, dark droppings. Food is poorly digested as the organism infects the birds gastrointestinal tract, and as a result, the birds appetite is usually increased.

Key Benefits

  • Helps treat and prevent megabacteria in birds
  • Also effective against candida and aspergilliosis
  • Similar to Megabac-S
  • Amphotericin B is one of the only avian products on the market of its kind
  • Liquid is easily administered and diluted in the drinking water for flock treatment
  • Can also easily be mixed in the feed/soft food
  • Made in Holland; imported

Dosage Instructions

  • 1 ml per liter (33.8 fl oz) of drinking water or 2 ml per 3.5 oz of feed for 20 consecutive days. Adding apple cider vinegar into the drinking water, which regulated pH levels and acidifies the water, is also recommended. 

Oral dosage: 0.01ml per 100g of body weight.

Active Ingredient

Amphotericin- B


20 ml liquid in glass bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Saved my parakeet

My 7 year old parakeet frequently would get Megabac as they’re known to get it. My avian vet recommended keeping him on it indefinitely, supplementing with probiotics for crop health. He’s gotten knocked down quite a few times over the years. Thank God for Ampho-B!!! Birdpal has been a lifesaver! I’ve reached out to them a few times about stock issues and they were always so lovely to talk with and work with on keeping my little guy stocked with his meds. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!



Saved my Red Factor Canary

I had 8 canaries and one by one they were dying despite me taking them to the vet twice. He gave them ivermectin and it didn't help. I was down to 3 and a female got sick,. There was rapid respiration and tail bobbing with clicking. I found this amphotericin B and she improved and within 5 days her resp rate was normal and no more tail bobbing or clicking. I continued for the 20 day recommendation and gave it to the other 2. I am also adding apple cider vinegar to their water and bath. One of the females has now laid 3 eggs. My investment and my babies were saved.

Bird moma

This is the best product ever for what appeared to be as my vet said "laryngitis". My vet gave me syringes with no needles with medicine to put into my bird's mouth each evening which was rather difficult and very stressful for not only the bird but for me and then he told me that if the laryngitis came back bring the bird back in and he'd give me some more medicine after a checkup. That answer did not please me as the laryngitis came back so I started to look on the internet I am so glad that I found this bird pal company this is taken care of the laryngitis and his poops even look much better also. I fully recommend this product.


Never received item. Lost item case is opened with ups


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