Cest Sedo Plus for Pigeons - Increases Energy & Liver Function

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Cest Pharma's Sedo Plus is an energizing supplement which plays a role in liver protection and fat transformation into energy, especially during periods of stress and sustained physical effort. Sedo Plus is exceptional during the racing season, molting, and when dietary changes occur or digestion needs to be improved.

Nutritional additives from Sedo Plus play an essential role in bird metabolism and liver function. L-carnitine has a role in transforming fats into energy while choline chloride has a similar role in fat metabolism by the liver and prevents excessive fat storage in the liver. Sorbitol provides the energy required for the liver and stimulates the bile secretion. Natural artichoke extracts and thistle are powerful anti-oxidants and hepatic-protectors.


Sorbitol, water

Additional ingredients: Choline chloride , L-carnitine , DL-methionine, Artichoke extracts and thistle extracts

Dosage and Administration

5 ml (1 teaspoon) per quart (32 fl oz) of water.


1 liter (33.8 fl oz)

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