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Miracle Care Scalex is a Pyrethrin-based formula that kills mites and lice on cage and aviary birds. With effective ingredients, Scalex is safe to spray directly on birds and aviary surfaces/areas.

Product Benefits

  • Kills mites and lice on all birds, including pigeons, chickens, and cage & aviary birds
  • Formulated with Pyrethrin, which is extremely safe on birds of all ages
  • Can be sprayed directly on birds, all surfaces, lofts, cages, aviaries, or pens
  • Product design specifically for birds
  • Excellent alternative over dusts
  • Safe, natural, and organic


Pyrethrins 0.03%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.30%, Other Ingredients 99.67%.


Directly on Birds to Control Bird Lice:

Leave birds in cage. Remove food and water. Lightly spray with 3 or 4 pumps directly on birds from a distance of 12-18 inches. Avoid the bird's eyes and face. Repeat twice a week.

Use on Cage and Aviary Surfaces to Control Feather Mites:

Remove bird(s), food and water cups, etc. Thoroughly spray cage and aviary surfaces from a distance of at least 1 foot, using 5-6 pumps per cage. Thoroughly spray the outside of the cage bottom as feather mites often live there. Do not wet cages or aviary surfaces to the point of runoff or drip.


32 oz spray bottle

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