PHP Recup Fast - A Protein Blend for Quick Recovery

Size: 500g (1.1 lb)
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Reduces Post-Race Exhaustion &  Improves Protein Synthesis for Maximum Recovery

Are your pigeons exhausted after the race? With Recup Fast they will be fit again in no time. Recup Fast contains a revolutionary blend of proteins, which are accessed when glycogen reserves are depleted. This nutrition supplement immediately restores the vital reservesstimulates the development of ultra strong muscles and maximizes performance of the pigeon.

The high quality proteins in Recup Fast are absorbed very quickly by the pigeon’s muscles. Of all high-quality proteins, almost 70% immediately penetrate the muscle tissue. These proteins also reduce muscle breakdown, which is an important benefit during a long-distance race.

The unique formula of Recup Fast contains a maximum amount of carbohydrates in order to improve performance during the competition season. It accelerates the restoration of muscle tissue and restores the nitrogen balance. Recup Fast is the most complete solution to be used after an intense flight in order to ensure a maximum and rapid recovery of your racing pigeons.

Key Benefits

  • Improves protein synthesis and absorption
  • Reduces muscle breakdown during flight
  • Quickly assists in muscle development and recovery
  • Contains carbohydrates for improved performance

Instructions for Use

Mix 2 to 3 level measure of Recup Fast with 1 Liter water (depending on intensity of race or training). Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Complementary nutrition should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

For best results, use:

  • Immediately upon arrival after the race
  • After heavy exertion or during recovery
  • After the last day of training, the day before basketing


Protein, Dextrose, Maltodextrine, Fructose, Magnesium carbonate, Natriumchloride, Kaliumchloride, Natriumbicarbonate.

Available Sizes

500 g and 1 kg powder in plastic pot

Made in Belgium

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