Meet the Owner - Andrew Solorio


Andrew has worked in the pet bird industry for over 15 years. He previously worked as operations manager at one of the leading bird supply distributors in the U.S. which primarily catered to the pigeon and companion bird community. Under his leadership, he helped the company develop and source new products, substantially grew the retail and wholesale clientele, and improved internal systems which lead to greater efficiency and sales volumes.


By talking, listening, and assisting customers in the bird community on a daily basis, Andrew has developed a thorough understanding of the products, health treatments, training/breeding regimens, and dietary needs required to successfully maintain your birds in peak health and performance.


Andrew's favorite part of the job has always been maintaining close relationships with customers and vendors alike. Over the years, he developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the true passion and love we all have toward our birds, whether we race, show in competition or simply have them as domestic companions. He founded BirdPal Avian Products to be able to continually offer solutions to the bird community in the form of effective, top-quality products and by providing valuable bird care education that every bird fancier seeks but cannot find. Andrew hopes that BirdPal's products, services, and education will help to fill the void of what the pet bird market currently lacks and often gets overlooked.


Andrew is extremely passionate about being active and present in the bird community. Always looking for new ways to improve upon, he's at your disposal and will provide a lending ear. Have any questions, feedback, or seeking a new product? Feel free to send him an email at