Cest Pharma Amino Forte for Pigeons

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A complementary feed supplement for pigeons which contains an optimal mix of amino acids, carbohydrates, electrolytes and B vitamins.

Amino Forte is the ultimate supplement for total pigeon health throughout the year. Amino Forte stimulates the intestinal flora and supports the immune system. L-Methionine 5000 mg and L-Lysine 3000 mg are high quality protein sources and are necessary for muscle building and recovery after a race.

Amino Forte can be administered all year round in the breeding, racing and molting seasons. It should also be administered medicating or after vaccination to support the metabolism and reduce the risk of side effects.


Propylene glycol, dextrose, fructose, inositol, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium acetate. Additives, vitamins and provitamins:
B1 Thiamine (3a820), B2 Riboflavine, B3 Niacinamide (3a315), B5 D-Panthenol (3a842), B6 Pyridoxine (3a831), B7 Biotine (3a880), B9 Folium sour (3a316), B12 Cobalamin, Choline chloride (3a890), L-Carnitine (3a910); Flavorings: Glutamat; Amino acids: L-methionine (3c305), L-lysine (3.2.3), L-threonine (3c410), L-tryptophaan (3.4.1.)

Dosage and Administration

Racing, breeding, and molting: 15 ml (1 tablespoon) to 1 quart of water or 2.5 lbs of feed (3-5 days a week).

Do not mix with Sedo Plus or with products that contains choline chloride.


1 L (33.8 fl oz)

5 L (169 fl oz)


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