Aviclens Liquid - Water Cleaner & Disinfectant for Birds

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Size: 100ml (3.4 fl oz)
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Your birds' drinking water is the #1 source for contamination and disease spread when experiencing a sickness in your flock. Vetafarm's Aviclens Liquid is specifically designed to protect your birds' drinking water from harmful water-borne organisms and also stops the growth of green slime in water containers. Aviclens' active ingredient, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, safely and effectively remove organisms such as viruses and bacterial infections from drinking water without damaging the intestinal flora.

Key Benefits

  • An effective disinfectant when experiencing a sickness in your loft, cage, aviary, or pen (such as coccidiosis, Newcastle Disease, PMV, E.Coli, etc).
  • Stops the growth of green slime in water containers, bath pans, and crock dishes
  • Does not affect the bird's gut flora
  • Completely safe to use on all bird species and may be ingested
  • Easily and quickly dilutes in the water
  • Highly concentrated formula adds value
  • Developed by avian veterinarians
  • Made in Australia; Imported


Add 1cc to ½ US gal of fresh water. Use as an animal’s normal drinking water or as a seed-soaking solution. Change drinking water after 1-2 days in warm weather and 3-4 days in cooler temperatures. Soak seeds for up to 24 hours.

Available Sizes

100 ml (3.4 fl oz) and 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) bottles

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