Avio Bromhexine Powder - Clears Mucus in Birds

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Have birds with mucus build up in the upper respiratory system?

Bromhexine contains the purest and most potent source of Bromhexine-Hcl which stimulates the area responsible for clearing the respiratory system of mucus, bacteria and dust in pigeons and backyard chickens. It also stimulates excretion of a thinner mucus, which allows the respiratory system to clear it easier and quicker. 

Combining Avio-Bromhexine with other respiratory antibiotics such as Doxycycline for the first four days of treatment is highly recommended since this is the most effective way to clear the airways of mucus and also clear of the bacteria causing the infection. 

Key Benefits

  • Contains ultra pure, highly potent Bromhexine Hcl
  • Does not contain banned stimulants or doping agents
  • Helps quickly clear out congestion caused by mucus in the upper respiratory tract
  • May be used with other respiratory medication
  • Safe and gentle
  • Formulated by Dr. Botha, a leading avian veterinarian
  • Imported

Active Ingredients

  • Bromhexine Hcl - 1%
  • Excipients- 99%

Dosage Instructions

2 teaspoons (10 grams) per gallon of drinking water for the first four days of any respiratory antibiotic treatment. May safely be combined with all respiratory medication.

Warning: May only be used in the treatment of sick pigeons and should be withdrawn 72 hours before a race, training flight or competitive fly. Never combine with Furazolidone or Furaltadone.


100 g (3.5 oz) in plastic pot

* Disclaimer: This product is for pet birds only. Not for animals whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption*

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