Cest CX 90 - Ornithosis/ Respiratory Injection for Pigeons

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A unique combination of three active ingredients, added B-12, and phosphorous which helps treat against respiratory problems in pigeons

CX 90 is a vaccination designed specifically to aid in the treatment and prevention of ornithosis symptoms such as wet eyes, wheezing, and wet nostrils in pigeons. Its proprietary formula is unlike any other on the market and over the years has proven to be an effective addition to any fanciers medicine cabinet. CX 90 is a subcutaneous injection (applied directly under the skin) which gets absorbed into the birds' bloodstream in seconds, and allows for easily injecting individual birds. 

Product Highlights

  • helps to treat and prevent ornithosis symptoms such as wet nostrils, wheezing, and wet/swollen eyes
  • formulated with a proprietary blend of three active ingredients and added B12 and phosphorous for a boosted recovery
  • injection is subcutaneous which allows for a quick and painless injection
  • ideal to use during the racing and training seasons, where many common respiratory symptoms arise
  • 100 doses per bottle
  • formulated by pigeon fanciers and avian veterinarians
  • European-made; imported

Dosage and Administration

0.5 ml per pigeon, subcutaneously. During the racing season, administer 2 days before basketing. Keep birds in loft and inactive for 12 after administration. 


 50 ml (1.7 fl oz) - 100 doses per bottle

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