Cest Sanocest - Drinking Water Disinfectant for Pigeons

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Acts against bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, including the bird flu virus (H7N1). Acts safely and quickly in the drinking water, against all types of pathogens and organic pollution in water. It is very good to use in the drinking water of the pigeons during transport because this way the pigeons are not contaminated in the transport car.

Dosage and Administration

By administering Sanocest we will use fewer antibiotics, there will be less stress, less diseases, better performance, healthy pigeons, faster molting, disease resistance, longer resistance during flights and a stronger immune system.

Instructions for use: 5 ml of Sanocest per 1 liter of drinking water.
Ingredients: hypochlorous acid approx. 300 mg / liter, electrolysis activated salt.
It does not contain chemical additives.


1 L (33.8 fl oz) in plastic bottle.

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