Durvet Calcium Gluconate 23%

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Don't let the label on this bottle fool you. Calcium Gluconate 23%, by Durvet, has been the go-to liquid calcium for pigeon fanciers in the States for many years. Calcium Gluconate 23% provides the ideal source of calcium for breeding stock and youngsters at a fraction of the price of most other calcium supplements on the market.

Product Benefits

  • Livestock grade 23% Calcium Gluconate is concentrated and ideal for larger flocks
  • Promotes strong bone development in baby pigeons
  • Provides needed calcium to hens, especially when breeding multiple rounds
  • Prevents rough egg shell formation
  • Excellent choice during breeding season
  • Safe to use on birds

Active Ingredient

Calcium Gluconate (provides 2.14 grams Calcium) ........................ 23 grams

Dosage for Birds

Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per 1 gallon of drinking water. Administer 2 times per week during the breeding season. Change water daily.


16 oz bottle


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