Avio Hen Fertility Tablets for Pigeons - 50ct

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Whether your hens are young or old, Hen Fertility Tablets will revitalize their breeding and egg-laying regimen!

Avio Hen Fertility Tablets have been scientifically proven to stimulate infertile Hens, allowing them to successfully breed once again. Hen Fertility Tablets have been thoroughly researched, tested, and formulated with the highest-quality nutraceuticals. 

Most fanciers pair Hen Fertility Tabs with Cock Fertility Tabs. Click here to purchase.

Key Benefits

  • A uniquely beneficial product and one of the few in the market
  • Stimulates hens to increase fertility and overall vigor
  • Safe to use on all hens, young and old
  • Carefully formulated with a variety of plant-derived nutraceuticals, working together to offer the best fertility tablet on the market
  • Tablets are small in size, making it easy to administer and swallow
  • Formulated by Dr. Botha, a leading avian veterinarian
  • Imported


To stimulate fertility and vigor, dose 1 tablet per hen for 7 consecutive days before mating pairs. 

To treat sub-fertile or infertile hens, dose 1 tablet per hen daily for 7 consecutive days prior to mating pairs, then, continue to administer 1 tablet per hen daily on it lays her second egg.  

Using Fertical three times per week during the breeding season as a supportive measure is highly recommended. 


50 tablets in plastic bottle

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