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Ideal Pills are the fancier's go-to food supplement when birds are underweight, weaning from the nest, recovering from an illness, and before competition.

Oropharma Ideal Pills are made of a blend of herbal and natural plants, and have been the pigeon fancier's staple nutritional supplement for numerous years. Ideal Pills are small enough to swallow, yet pack a powerful punch which bounce your birds back to excellent health and condition.

Ideal Pills have fortifying effects which help to stimulate appetite (especially during periods of illness, stress, or weaning), helps with overall digestion, and helps speed up recovery of pigeons post-race. 

Key Benefits

  • Promotes appetite, especially when birds are underweight when experiencing illness
  • Perfect to use when weaning young birds from nest since it improves digestion
  • Made of a powerful proprietary herbal and plant extract combination
  • May be given to pigeons of all ages
  • Pills are smooth and rounded, making them easy to swallow
  • Made in Belgium; Imported

Dosage Instructions

May be dosed up to eight pills per day without risks.

  • During the breeding period: 1 pill in the morning and evening from the 6th day.
  • For weakened and recuperating pigeons: 2 pills morning and evening.
  • In the case of a loss of appetite: 1 or 2 pills morning and evening.
  • When young birds are not digesting food properly: 1 pill morning and evening.


100 pills in resealable plastic jar. 

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