Jaap Koehoorn Liquid Bath Salt for Pigeons

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A superior natural bath salt for pigeons and birds, tested and approved by top fanciers!

 Liquid Bath Salt is a 100% natural and exclusive liquid bath salt with high levels of minerals, trace elements and essential oils for pigeons & caged birds. It's one of a kind formulation makes it easy to administer in bath water, and promotes clean, silky feathers-- especially during molting. 

Key Benefits

  • unique formulation which is easy to administer into bath water
  • contains high levels of minerals, trace elements, and essential oils
  • promotes healthy and shiny plumage/feather production
  • relieves and reduces dander
  • supports immune system and respiratory tract
  • 100% natural
  • formulated and tested by pigeon fanciers
  • European-made; imported


 Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, demineralized water, sodium chloride, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, patented blue coloring agent, and tartrazine E102

Usage and Administration

During molting season: 4 teaspoons (20ml) into 2.75 gallons (10 liters) of bath water, 2 times per week. Shake well before using. 

During racing season: 4 teaspoons (20ml) into 2.75 gallons (10 liters) of bath water, once weekly. Shake well before using. 


1 L (33.8 fl oz)

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