Jaap Koehoorn Recovery Superieur - Rapid Recovery for Racing Pigeons

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Recovery Superiur provides groundbreaking muscle recovery in just 2 hours post-race, optimizing your racing pigeons' performance like never before.

Experience groundbreaking recovery for racing pigeons with Recovery Superieur, a specialized PeptoPro protein. Accelerating muscle recovery to just 2 hours post-race, a process typically spanning two days. It enables immediate training following competition. Formerly exclusive to Tour de France and Olympic athletes, now goes beyond to elevate the performance of your racing pigeons to new heights.

What is PeptoPro?

PeptoPro is a unique form of protein derived from casein, a milk protein. It is enzymatically hydrolyzed, meaning it has been broken down into smaller peptides. These peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body, making PeptoPro an ideal protein source for quick recovery after intense physical activity.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates muscle recovery to just 2 hours post-race
  • Significantly reduces downtime between training and competition
  • Optimizes performance and maintains peak fitness levels
  • Rapidly absorbed for efficient muscle repair and growth
  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed formulation
  • Scientifically-proven efficacy
  • 100% Natural formula
  • European-made; imported

Directions for Use

Racing Season: 5g/1L water or with 500g food 

Breeding Season:  5g/1L 2x weekly


100% PeptoPro



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