Nekton Fly (Nekton-T) Multivitamins for Doves & Gamebirds

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Nekton Fly, formerly Nekton-T, is the ultimate multivitamin, multimineral, and amino acid supplement for wild doves, backyard chickens, and game fowl. It contains 13 vitamins, 6 trace elements, 2 amino acids as well as calcium and minerals. Nekton-Fly is specially attuned to the needs of doves and game birds to build up enough strength and energy reserves for flying and laying performance. It may also be used on finches, canaries, and other caged birds. Nekton-Fly encourages growth, efficiency, fertility and laying performance to a high extent and positively influences metabolic processes.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the body during treatments with antibiotics and sulfonamides resulting in increased vitamin and mineral requirements.
  • Contains 13 vitamins, 6 trace elements (minerals), and 2 types of amino acids.
  • Contains calcium, which is crucial during breeding
  • May be used on most bird species including doves, backyard chickens, game fowl, and caged birds. 
  • Easily administered in the drinking water or soft food.
  • Improves flying and laying performance
  • Made in Germany; Imported

Dosing Instructions

1 g (1 level measuring spoon) to 250 ml (8.5 oz.) water or 100 g (3.4 oz.) of soft food. The dosage can be quite safely doubled for a short time in stressful situations, such as breeding, molting, flight show, or transportation.


Dextrose, silicic acid, calcium carbonate, 6,600,000 IU vitamin A, 10,000 IU vitamin D3, 13,265 mg vitamin E, 665 mg vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride), 1,680 mg vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 3,330 mg pantothenic acid (calcium-D pantothenate), 10,000 mg nicotinamide, 665 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), 224 mg folic acid, 2,000 µg vitamin B12, 16,660 mg vitamin C (L(+)-ascorbic acid), 1,330 mg vitamin K3 (menadione-sodium bisulfite), 50,000 µg biotin, 3,000 mg iron (iron- II- sulfate), 1,220 mg zinc (zinc sulfate), 1,250 mg manganese (manganese oxide), 250 mg copper (copper-II-sulfate), 100 mg iodine (calcium iodate). L-Lysine 0.2 %, DL-Methionine 0.2 %

Constituents: Crude protein 1.0 %, crude oils and fats 0.2 %, raw fi ber 0 %, crude ash 3.4 %, calcium 0.1 %, sodium 0 %, phosphorous 0.2 %

Available Sizes

75g (2.65oz) and 150g (5.29oz) in plastic pots.

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