Prozap Poultry Dust - 2 lbs

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Prozap Poultry and Garden Dust is an insecticidal dust which helps kill and control chicken mites, northern fowl mites, fleas, mosquitos, bed bugs, brown dog ticks, bean beetles, leaf hoppers, lygus, stickbugs and most vegetable crop insects. Can be used in poultry houses, pens, pigeon lofts, coops, cages, and around living premises. Contains 0.25% Permethrin.


  • For poultry, pigeons, and cage birds: apply 1 lb per 40 sq ft.
  • Hand application: use 1 lb to treat 100 birds.
  • Poultry houses: apply 25 lbs per 1,000 sq ft.
  • Dogs and Cats: rub in skin and apply to sleeping quarters weekly.

Sprinkle around doors, windows, cracks, crevices, and ant hills. Do not apply directly to eggs or nest litter. Do not contaminate feed or water.


2 lb jar

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