Rooster Booster Liquid Vitamin B-12 Super Concentrated - 16 oz

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This is your go-to B-12 Vitamin! Rooster Booster Liquid Vitamin B-12 is a premium vitamin supplement for all classes of poultry, including show chickens, racing pigeons, roller pigeons, and show pigeons. Super concentrated 10,000 mcg per ounce of pure B-12 that helps all birds in times of stress and quickly provides ample energy during times of performance.

Product Benefits

  • helps birds in the time of stress due to illness, travel, or overexertion
  • in pigeons, it provides energy during races, lawn shows, and when travelling by oxygenating the blood and increasing alertness
  • aids in the stimulation of appetite for proper growth
  • contains added Vitamin K for proper bone growth and wound healing
  • excellent method of providing B-12 without the hassles of injection
  • very palatable base


  • water
  • vitamin B-12
  • vitamin k
  • sodium benzoate
  • potassium sorbate
  • sodium saccharin
  • xanthan gum
  • artificial flavoring and coloring


1 cc - 3 cc of B-12 liquid may be mixed in feed or administered orally with a dose syringe daily. In water, mix 1 oz (30 ml) into 1 gallon.

For racing pigeons: administer up to 3 days before basketing for a tonic effect.


16 oz bottle

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