UltraCruz Diatomaceous Earth (D-Earth) for Birds - 2lb

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UltraCruz Diatomaceous Earth (D-Earth) is an organic, natural way to remove pests and parasites from your chicken coops, aviaries, pigeon lofts, and other common areas where your birds live. This chemical free powder absorbs moisture that can be common growing conditions for common parasites that can infect your flock and cause illness and reduces egg production. This can be used to safely and effectively remove ticks, lice, mites and worms that cause irritation and feather loss to your flock. Ideal for use on backyard chickens, pigeons, finches, parrots, and all other cage & aviary birds.

Key Benefits

  • A natural, effective, and safe insecticide that can be used on all bird species including chickens, pigeons, and cage & aviary birds
  • Supports a healthy immune and respiratory systems
  • Contains organic, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • Removes parasite contamination in the coop, loft, aviary, and other common areas
  • Can be used as a dust bath for poultry
  • Easily spreadable powder
  • Safe to use year round on birds of all ages
  • Proudly made in the USA
Current batch expires 3/2023

Directions for Use

On birds: sparingly sprinkle through bird feathers, cages, lofts, coops, and all other common areas

As dust bath for chickens: Pour about 2 lbs into tray and place into coop to allow for dust bathing.


Organic Diatomaceous Earth: 2 lb

Available Size

2 lb tub

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