Vet Schroeder Tollisan TKK Powder for Canker & Giardia

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TKK Powder contains a special combination of Ronidazole, Metronidazole, and a particular galenic which kill all trichomonads, hexamites and giardia in show, roller, and racing pigeons. TKK Powder also helps to treat and prevent resistance problems, as they frequently and repeatedly occur in canker infections. A special digestive tracht ingredient in the TKK powder allows the faeces to roll across the loft floor after only two days.

Usable as a treatment and preventive treatment against trichomonads, mucous membrane inflammation, gastro-intestinal-infections (anaerobic bacteria).

Key Benefits

  • Helps kill and prevent trichomonas (canker), hexamites, and Giardia in pigeons
  • Minimized mucous inflammation, especially during periods of high performance
  • Can be used during the race season
  • Fine powder easily dilutes in drinking water
  • Can be used as part of a Tollisan treatment regiment
  • Made in Holland; imported

Dosage Instructions

5g (1 measure) into 2 liter (68 fl oz) of drinking water or 2kg (4.8 lbs) of feed 5-7 days.
As a preventive: 3 days each month.

Active Ingredients

Ronidazole 15,000mg, Metronidazole 10,000mg, Ethacridine Lactate 600mg, Flavorings 2.500mg


100 g pot

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