VetRx Poultry Remedy for Respiratory Diseases

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VetRx Poultry Remedy is a 100% natural formula that effectively provides relief for Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Colds, Sneezing, Pneumonia, Roup, Scaly Legs, and Throat Canker. It can also be used as a show conditioner for preparation prior to competition.

Product Benefits

  • Derived from 100% all-natural therapeutic ingredients. No antibiotics, no drugs.
  • Helps treat and prevent CRD
  • No harsh side effects or adverse reactions
  • Can be used during breeding and showing
  • Comes in an affordable 2 oz bottle with dropper

Instructions for Use

Dosage/Preparation - Use VetRx warm. Add one teaspoonful to one cup very warm water. Place a few drops of the solution, straight from the bottle, down the throat of the bird at night. Also, rub some warm VetRx from the bottle over head of birds and under wings.

For Show Birds - Place a few drops of solution under one wing, when birds return from shows, keep them separate from the flock for a week, when shanks appear dry, rub a small amount of cold VetRx from the bottle, repeat every 3 days until birds are no longer dry

Directions - Open bird's mouth while turning its head to the side and tilting down so you can see the cleft in the roof of the mouth. Dip a small cotton swab into the warm VetRx. Press swab right into cleft, slowly. Watch for VetRx to come from each side of birds beak and corner of each eye. Clean eyes and rest bird. You may have to repeat treatment 2 or 3 times.


2 fl. oz (50 ml) bottle

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