Cest Yellow Drops for Pigeons - Eliminates Fungi, Canker, & Bacteria

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A unique solution based on Acriflavine, which instantly eliminates fungi, canker, and bacteria in the crop and upper respiratory.

Yellow Drops is a revolutionary product containing Acriflavine, a unique active ingredient proven to help eliminate even the most stubborn fungal, canker and bacterial infection. Yellow drops also help clear any dust or pollen present in the respiratory tract that may cause inflammation and allergies. 

Yellow drops are dark brown in color, which stains the skin and is difficult to clean. Use with caution. 

Key Benefits

  • Prevent Trichomonas and Ornithosis Complex
  • Treats and prevents fungal infections
  • Contains Acriflavine, an active rarely found in other products
  • Clears dust and pollen from respiratory tract which helps to reduce inflammation
  • Proudly formulated by veterinarians and tested by pigeon fanciers
  • European made with quality ingredients
  • Imported

Active Ingredient


Dosage and Administration

1 drop in the beak on the day of basketing and the day of arrival. 

As a preventative: use once weekly throughout the year.


100ml (3.4 fl oz). 

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