Triple C Powder for Birds

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Triple C Powder is Broad Spectrum antibiotic effective against E. coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Chronic Respiratory Disease) and Chlamydia (Psittacosis). It contains the same active ingredient as Aureomycin Concentrate and is ideal for use as a front line antibiotic when birds become ill but a sure diagnosis is not possible. Effective when administered in either food or water. Can be used as prevention for Psittacosis once per year for 45 days.

Triple C should not be mixed in water with any other products. The effectiveness of Triple C will be reduced if calcium supplements are present in a bird’s diet so discontinue the use of calcium during antibiotic treatment. After a course of Triple C, Synbiotic should be administered to re-establish gut flora.

Product Benefits

  • Contains broad spectrum antibiotic Chlortetracycline Hcl
  • Effective against E.coli, CRD, and Psittacosis
  • Can be used when a diagnosis isn't clear or possible
  • Can be used a prevention for Psittacosis once per year
  • Developed by veterinarians with over 30 years of experience
  • Proudly made in Australia; Imported

Dosage and Administration

In water: Parrots 5.0g/L (1 tsp/qt), Finch/Pigeon 2.5g/L (½ tsp/qt or 2 tsp/gallon)
In dry food: All ornamental birds 5.0g/kg (½ oz/6 lb)
In hand rearing food: All ornamental birds 10g/kg (1 oz/6 lb)

Administration: Remove all sources of unmedicated water and prepare fresh solutions daily. Remove sources of grit and calcium for the duration of treatment. Supply medicated water for 5-7 days (Psittacosis 45 days) in glass, glazed or plastic containers.

Enclosed level spoon holds approximately 1 gram.

Active Ingredient

100 mg/g Chlortetracycline Hcl (10%)


100 g powder in plastic pot

* Disclaimer: This product is for pet birds only. Not for animals whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption*

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