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        The beginning of the new year means breeding young birds and chicks in hopes to have a successful racing & showing season. Some fanciers and enthusiasts also breed to sell a certain line of birds and some just breed to grow or expand their stock. Regardless of their motives, most breeders come across the need to mark their newly hatched, freshly feathered offspring with some sort of leg band. The band may either mark the year they hatched, their sex, lineage, race team, respective pairs, and for many other motives. 


Although we currently do not carry any seamless leg bands, we wanted to list some of the most common organizations and manufacturers which either sell bands, or can guide you to the right place that does. 

Homing Pigeons

1) The American Racing Pigeon Union is the the largest and most widely known homing pigeon organization. Established in 1880s as "The Atlantic Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies", the American Racing Pigeon Union, or the AU as most call it, has transformed throughout the years to preserve, protect, and promote the pigeon hobby.

2021 AU Bands for racing pigeons

ARPU year bands are required on all pigeons entering and competing in races, and club members need to be registered with this organization in order to compete. You can order seamless AU bands directly from them by visiting their website: www.pigeon.org. They can also direct you to national retailers who sell their bands.

IF Racing Pigeon Band logo. 2) The International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers, IF for short, is the second-largest national pigeon organization which was established and incorporated in 1881. The IF's mission is to promote pigeon breeding, training, racing and exhibition, to instruct and assist novices, and to organize districts or clubs. Just like the AU, the IF preserves the pigeon hobby and also works closely with local clubs and organizations. To purchase 2021 IF bands, visit their website for more information: www.ifpigeon.com/.

NPA leg band for show pigeons

3) The National Pigeon Association, NPA for short, was founded in 1920 and is an all-breed pigeon organization with an international membership. Unlike the IF and AU which are only restricted to national members, the NPA has thousands of members from all over the world and showcases over 200 pigeon breeds! An NPA band is required on all birds that are shown and all breeder showcasing any birds need to also be registered members. To purchase NOA bands, visit their website for more information: http://www.npausa.com/

Cage & Aviary Birds

1) The National Finch and Softbill Society, also known as the NFSS, is one of the most recognized organizations which caters to show finches and softbills. Established over 30 years ago, the NFSS diligently works on educating and supporting the aviculture hobbyists and breeders. To order 2021 NFSS leg bands, visit www.nfss.org/bands/2021-bands.

2) If you're looking to simply band your birds for reasons other than showing, L & M Bird Leg Bands is an excellent choice for customized bands. They manufacture a variety of bird identification bands in most sizes, and made of plastic or metal. Visit their website here.

Backyard/Show Chickens and Other Poultry

The National Band and Tag Company is one of the largest poultry leg band manufacturers in the nation, selling replica bands, metal bands, and bandettes (which are usually required by APA and ABA organizations). For more information, and to order their bands, visit their website here.

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